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freegisFreeGIS project began in February 2007 and was conducted by the authors of this material based on other Live CDs, existing in this field and is the first of its kind in Romania on DVD. They were made and tested so far four variants, each version coming with modifications and additions. FreeGIS is based on Debian, Ubuntu 8.04 version (first 4 variants) and from September 2009 is built on Ubuntu 9.04.

We called FreeGIS, because we want to be “free” and we want to be for the ‘GIS’. Our goal is to develop a version of the DVD with tools and examples GIS configured in Romania to be closer to users. For students to be a useful tool to learn and practiced, developed and implemented for specialists and for those outside the GiS a useful tool for viewing various proprietary information.

FreeGIS GIS is a collection of ready-to -use with visualization and analysis tools, among which: GRASS, Qgis, gvSIG, OSSIM, JOSM, Kosmo, LandSerf, Map Analist, OpenEV, OpenJUMP, SAGA, uDig, Grads, Hidrogis, Terra Vision, OrbisCAD, iGMT and other.

FreeGIS licence has always been GPL.

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